SimplCommerce 1.0.0-RC Available

After 2.5 years of hard work, lack of sleep, and constant coding, today we are happy to announce that SimplCommerce has reached the RC state. Unless significant bugs emerge, we will release the first version of SimplCommerce next month.


SimplCommerce is a cross platform, modularized ecommerce system built on .NET Core. It can run well in Windows, Linux and Mac. You can use SimplCommerce with SQL Server, PostgreSQL or SQLite. MySQL will be supported when its provider for 2.1 being released. Generally, you can use SimplCommerce with any databases that Entity Framework Core support. See the docs for more details on how to work with different databases.

SimplComerce has almost all the standard features of an ecommerce system such as product variations, cross-sales, related products, multi-vendors, payment, shipping, coupon, tax management etc. And with its modular architecture you can easy add your own modules for your own business. See the docs on how to add new modules

A unique look and feel is very important of every website. With SimplCommerce you can easily develop your own theme or download a suitable one from the marketplace

SimplCommerce is fully open source and completely free. No ads, no copyright remove fee. If you appreciate our works, you can donate us :)

How to get started? Super easy, download a self-contained version of SimplCommerce at pick up the Windows or the Mac version depends on your OS. Self-contained means that you don’t need to install anything to run the website. All you need to do is extract the zip file then double-click on the file SimplCommerce.WebHost.exe (Windows) or type ‘./SimplCommerce.WebHost’ and hit Enter in the Terminal (Mac). Let us know how you think.

Written on June 17, 2018